Fastighten Quality Control

As an active supporting supplier focusing on the design of fastening scheme in China,Fastighten fastener provides the purchase and sales activities of various connectors,fasteners and related supporting tools and accessories,and is committed to creating a complete one-stop service for our industrial customers from purchasing,quality inspection,warehousing to point-to-point logistics distribution to the door.Therefore,Fastighten is very strict in the selection process of suppliers.We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation on the development of every potential supplier,audit every supplier on a regular basis,and conduct real-time monitoring and inspection on all products.All we do is to ensure the quality of kuaiteng products you use.For you,Fastighten products mean:better planning,more significant cost savings,more efficient productivity.


Factory evaluation

We have a professional assessment team to conduct on-the-spot assessment on potential suppliers of products required by customers.We consider all aspects of suppliers'company scale,management system,production process,product quality,supply capacity,environmental protection system,collaborative service capacity,etc.,and select the suppliers with the highest degree of fit to establish supply-demand partnership.


Management and supervision

We will conduct regular on-the-spot assessment on suppliers,supervise production management,and put forward written improvement suggestions for problems found,so as to help our suppliers continuously improve and ensure the stability of products.As for the feedback of products from customers,we will also conduct a surprise review on the suppliers in view of the confirmed problems,find out the actual problems in time,and put forward rectification suggestions.The comprehensive situation of all regular evaluation and surprise review will be included in the comprehensive evaluation of suppliers at the end of the year.The suppliers who are continuously excellent will be reviewed by strategic partners.The suppliers who have obvious shortcomings and can not be improved for a long time will be re evaluated.The new suppliers will be compared to survive the fittest.


Quality pre control

We have a variety of inspection equipment,and can provide more complete data monitoring through our suppliers and third-party inspection agencies,to ensure that the product parameters meet the production needs.We will carry out sampling inspection for process parts in the production process,recheck the finished product warehousing parts,and keep samples for the outgoing parts.We pre control the quality of all outbound products to ensure that you receive reliable products to the greatest extent.


Controllable delivery date

We will track the production progress in real time,give early warning for any problems in the production process and implement the delivery adjustment,and strive to complete every order before the promised delivery date and deliver smoothly.


Scientific inventory

We will establish safe stock reserve according to your mature production plan,so as to ensure that the products you need have zero stock pressure and can be delivered immediately after placing an order,so as to meet your pursuit of the most efficient production operation and the most economical production cost.


Convenient logistics

We implement special car distribution in the same city,and strive to meet the demand of the day.For the Yangtze River Delta region,the most convenient express delivery recognized by customers is used for distribution.For the national region,the most reliable local brand logistics company that can realize point-to-point and door-to-door delivery is selected for distribution.We can also implement the new distribution forms of flash delivery,cargo delivery,air transportation and rail transportation to meet the needs of customers.


Accurate tracing

We have a clear record of raw material procurement,production planning,product processing,finished product completion and warehousing,storage time and shipping detailed logistics information,so as to realize the accurate traceability of each ring energy saving,so as to ensure that when encountering product quality problems,we can find the problem link as soon as possible,analyze and deal with it,and provide efficient solutions.


Good product statistics

We will keep supply records for every supplier and every customer of Fastighten.We can count and record the good products according to the type,time,quantity and other categories,which can not only let you feel the quality information of the products used through big data,but also spur us to continue to forge ahead and make continuous efforts for the pursuit of more perfect solutions and products!